Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS)

*Update *

The UK BARS Partnership (Defra, Natural England, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Wales Biodiversity Partnership and Joint Nature Conservation Committee) has taken the difficult decision to discontinue support for BARS. Uptake of the system has been limited and it has failed to present a comprehensive picture of biodiversity action across the UK.

BARS will close at the end of November 2016.

Until BARS closes, users may run reports to summarise their actions and projects. All the data on the system will be archived in early December and each organisation will be offered a prepared download of their own data, including spatial locations. Organisation administrators will be sent details of how to download their archives after the system has closed.
For further information on the closure, see the BARS closure notice and information note.
Alternative reporting mechanisms are being explored and cases for use developed. To help with this process a short survey focused on reporting of biodiversity action in Wales and features of BARS is underway. The survey can be completed here

The BARS Partnership

BARS development is supported by a UK partnership between DEFRA, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, and the Wales Biodiversity Partnership.


The Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) is a web based information system to support the conservation community. It will help you find out where practical action is in place to benefit important habitats and species as well as generate summaries of the data. It also offers an efficient way for you to contribute information about your own biodiversity actions.

BARS helps establish the level of activity in place at any given time, where this is taking place, and what it is trying to achieve. BARS can be used to map action locations and generate a range of statistical summaries. This shared intelligence helps national and local communities plan and better coordinate their conservation activities. It also helps the four countries and UK government report collectively on what is being done to halt overall biodiversity loss in line with international, UK and country commitments.

Current System: BARS 2

A new version of BARS was launched on the 18th April 2012. BARS 2 introduces a stricter model for recording actions but also a more flexible structure to establish partnership style affiliations between organisations and actions. For the first time BARS includes interactive mapping which helps users explore the location and extent of activity. Building on the new data model it is now possible to generate a range of powerful aggregated action summaries.

The new system will provide an important source of evidence to support delivery and reporting of work within the UK to protect and enhance important habitats and species. BARS offers a central tool to collate this data, which is typically held in widely distributed sources and in a range of formats.

This is a newly released information system and work is now underway to recruit key data sources. Initially most of these will represent nationally commissioned activity such as the agricultural environmental stewardship programmes. We encourage you to contribute any locally generated actions you would like to be represented. It may take several years before the system becomes truly representative of current activity.

For more information or to arrange training contact Holly York, WBP Technical Officer