Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Species Expert Group

The WBP Species Expert Group acts as a single point of contact for any species and/ or species habitat queries from the Ecosystem Groups. It is made up of representatives from each of the main taxonomic groups (mammals, birds, herptiles, fish, invertebrates, vascular plants, lower plants), including statutory agency and environmental NGO specialists. The group has the following primary roles:

  1. To provide, either directly or via seeking information elsewhere, relevant habitat management advice for particular species or groups of species.
  2. Identify habitat/site priorities and integrate species actions across taxa and, maintain a list of priority actions for implementation by Ecosystem Groups and other delivery bodies.

Priority Species in Wales

The UK priority list contains 1150 species and 65 habitats requiring special protection. The UK list has been used as a reference to draw up the species and habitats of principal importance in Wales under Section 42 (S42) of the NERC Act. 504 of the UK priority species occur in Wales and a further 53 species recognised as Welsh priorities go to make up a list of 557 species of principal importance in Wales together with an additional 4 groups/assemblages of species on the S42 list.

Section 42 Priority species (pdf)

If you would like to submit a biodiversity-related or ecosystem approach evidence gap to this group please contact us

If your gap could be addressed through research activity/ a specific research project, please visit the Evidence Gaps Project page and click on the link 'Formulating Questions for Scientific Research'

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