Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference ‘Delivering Nature Recovery in Wales'

Bangor University, 7 - 8 September 2016

WBP Conference Proceedings 2016

A big thanks to speakers, contributors & delegates who made the WBP Conference a great success!

The details of the next WBP conference event are being worked up and an event will most likely take place in the new year (2018). Further details will be announced when available and the website will be updated so please check back.

The 2016 Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference was held in Bangor University on 7-8th September, bringing together policy makers, practitioners and industry to share ideas and discuss the opportunities which are to be had in uncertain times.
The first day focused on the National Natural Resource policy and the Nature Recovery Plan for Wales, the second day on biodiversity initiatives being taken forward by industry, and the challenges to achieve the well-being goals in the Well Being of Future Generations Act.
Several speakers addressed the nature of change, and stressed the importance for those involved in nature conservation to adapt and find new ways of working to combat the many challenges. The Conference coincided with the publication of SoNaRR, the State of Natural Resources Report, by Natural Resources Wales, and there was much focus on what this will mean for Wales. Brexit will inevitably bring new ways of working.
Delegates had a choice of attending workshops on SoNaRR, Ancient Woodland Restoration, the Caru Gwenyn project and the Nature Recovery Plan, or a field trip to Cors Erddreiniog on Anglesey. They also partook in several discussion groups and Question and Answer sessions with a panel of speakers.
The Chair summed up the Conference with a call to bring in new partners and engineer a big shift in the ways people think about nature. Problems with funding can often cause difficulties but these can be overcome by addressing the problems in smart and imaginative ways.