Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs)

Wales has a strong track record in supporting local nature initiatives through the work of Local Nature Partnerships (formerly LBAPs).

Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) are an integral element in addressing the nature crisis in Wales and an LNP coordinator is in place in all parts of Wales. LNPs provide biodiversity advice; maximise funding opportunities and collaborations; empower community groups to take action; target community engagement activities by drawing on their skill sets and those of LNP partners. They are a crucial point of contact, alive to opportunities and a proactive voice for nature in your community. They complement and reinforce national nature recovery efforts, providing local context and operate at geographical scales that are meaningful to local communities.
Use the links below to get in touch with your local nature coordinator.

Local Nature Partnership Contacts

Find the your local nature partnership contact details and more information in your area

Making Space for Nature

Making Space for Nature

Our wildlife is under threat from loss of habitat and human induced changes to our climate.


Events in Your area

As well as educating, nature-themed events bring people together, provide inspiration and contact with the outdoors and above all are fun!

LNP Cymru project

In 2019, the LNP network received a capacity boost through Welsh Government ENRaW funds which resulted in the setup of the LNP Cymru project dedicated to facilitating a nature recovery network in Wales. This will help to reverse nature declines, engage people and communities, businesses and decision-makers in both practical action and strategic planning for a healthy, resilient and nature-rich Wales. Read more on the LNP Cymru website.

LNP Cymru website

LNP Cymru was funded through the Welsh Government Enabling Natural Resources and Well-being (ENRaW) Grant

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Helping Wildlife

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