Wales Nature Week! 29 May - 6 June 2021

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in Wales Nature Week 2021!

An annual celebration of nature showcasing the fantastic habitats and species of Wales!

This year we are asking you to Explore, Discover and Share your nature images, stories and experiences during Wales Nature Week.

Each day we highlight different habitats -woodlands, wetlands, meadows, peatlands, marine & coastal, and urban habitats and the myriad of species you can encounter. For each habitat, share your posts and pictures each day and join the conversation.

You can of course post any of your nature discoveries during Wales Nature Week- we’d love to hear from you!

As an additional bonus we start Wales Nature Week with the return of the popular Garden BioBlitz on the 29th May- be sure to join in! Helpful tips and support from our community of experts will ensure your participation is fun and informative.

We celebrate the inspiring work of Local Nature Partnerships in Wales on 5th June- discover what’s happening in your area and how you can help.

A relaxing day focusing on well-being and nature completes this year’s offering- be sure to check our schedule and social media channels for regular updates!
Due to ongoing restrictions arising from the Covid pandemic we will be hosting virtual events across Wales during Wales Nature Week

Events Schedule

29th May Garden BioBlitz with the Wales’ Local Environmental Record Centres

Midnight 28 May - Midnight 29 May
Celebrate the start of Wales Nature Week and join wildlife recorders to spot species in your garden! Help us create a national snapshot of wonderful Welsh wildlife and discover the nature on your own doorstep. This is a fun interactive event that all members of the family can enjoy! Suitable for complete beginners and nature enthusiasts alike.

Facebook event. Event link

Resources & Activities
Video guide to recording species ‘on the go’
Wildlife gardening for Bugs
RSPB: 20 easy ways to give wildlife a home
What bat is that?
Animals and Habitats - Activities and games (NRW web guide)

7pm Introductory Bat Detector Workshop-fees apply

30th May Theme of the day: Woodland and Trees
A day dedicated to our woodlands, hedgerows and urban street trees. Featuring:

Details of events and how you can participate to follow. Events are subject to change.

Resources & Activities
WoodlandTrust/TreeToolsForSchools and Families
Woodland wildlife Woodland Trust (web guide)
British native Trees (web guide)
Celtic Rainforests Project (in depth video)
Celtic Rainforests Wales (web guide)
The National Forest for Wales introduction
Red squirrel field signs with the Mid Wales Red Project (short film)
Red squirrel field survey with the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project (short film)

31st May Theme of the day: Wetlands
Celebrating our wetland habitats in Wales! Featuring:

Details of events and how you can participate to follow. Further events to follow. Events are subject to change.

Resources & Activities
Wetland wildlife (web guide)
Freshwater habitats (web guide)
Reptiles & amphibians (web guide)
Where To See Dragonflies

White-legged Damselflies in west Wales!

We need your help looking for this charismatic under-recorded species in recent decades and we want to investigate whether its distribution has changed.

1st June Theme of the day: Meadows / Farmland
Today the focus is on our precious meadow habitats. Featuring:
  • 10:00 Introduction to the day with Sali Palmer (short film)
  • 10:30 Live event Virtual Meadow Walk. Meadows are at their best in June. Join Vee Brannovic for a virtual meadow walk spotting typical flowers and grasses along the way. Vee is the Local Nature Partnership coordinator for Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen. Tune in and watch live
  • Amenity grasslands and roadside verges often have floral interest- they are often mini- meadows in their own right. You may be lucky and discover a beautiful Bee Orchid! Share with us any interesting or common species you spot by tagging us #Wales NatureWeek2021. Please mention the location in your post- this helps us map new areas of meadow habitat!
  • The meadow at Blaen Tir, by Derek Cobley - YouTube (short video) In the video filmed for the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group, Derek outlines his experiences in managing a flower rich meadow near Llandovery
  • Live event 7:00pm-8:00 pm Colliery Spoil Meadows Discover the fascinating invertebrates that inhabits colliery spoil meadow habitats with Liam Olds from Buglife Cymru. Zoom event.
  • Big Meadows Search
    Take part in the Big Meadow Search during Wales Nature Week. The aim is to search meadows and record the plant species you find using the Big Meadow Search tick list. Open to all- you don’t need your own meadow (but do get the landowner’s permission if you are searching on someone else’s land).

Did you know the first meadows group in Wales was formed in Monmouthshire in 2003- there are meadows group springing up all over Wales. Get in touch with your Local Nature Partnership Coordinator to find out more.

Details of events and how you can participate to follow. Further events to follow.

Resources & Activities
10:00- 13:00 Community Wildlife Activity Day Saint Julitta's Church, Capel Curig

Churchyards are often fantastic places for nature- if you are in the Capel Curig area why not join North Wales Wildlife Trust for a wildlife safari.
Further details

Wildflower plants basic identification (short film)
How to make a meadow with native wild flowers (poster)
Plantlife mini-meadow creation (short film)
A whole wildflower meadow year in two minutes (short film)
Great British Wildflower Hunt
Trevor Dines' meadow in North Wales (short film)
PFLA & Plantlife webinar: Restoring and creating small areas of native wildflower meadow (in-depth look)

National Meadows Day celebrations (3- 4 July)
Meadows celebration continues all summer. Magnificent Meadows Wales will be running a few events across Wales to celebrate meadows. These will be fun days filled with different activities including meadow flower and bug walks, scything demonstrations, yoga in the meadow and more! Venues: 3rd July – Glantawe Riverside Park, Pontardawe & Llanddona, Conwy, 4th July – Scolton Manor, Pembs. Watch Plantlife Cymru Facebook page for updates

2nd June Theme of the day: Peatlands
Peatland habitats are widespread throughout Wales- today learn more about bogs and mires and their importance for nature and society. Featuring:

Details of events and how you can participate to follow. Further events to follow.

Resources & Activities
Bog activities (web learning resource)
Peatland word search
Bog carnivores & herbivores
The Carmarthenshire Bogs Project (in depth look)
New LIFE for Welsh Raised Bogs (short film)
Restoration work on Cors Caron (in-depth look)
Restoration work on Cors Fochno (in depth look)
"My name is Peat" Pupils from Pentrefoelas and Ysbyty Ifan schools highlighting the importance of peatland restoration with rap artist Ed Holden.

3rd June Theme of the day: Marine & Coastal
Today we focus on our stunning coastal and marine habitats. Featuring:

  • 10:00 Introduction to the day with Rose Revera (short film)
  • 10-12 am Mini-Marine Biologist Online Interactive Talk with Sea Watch Foundation
    Become a 'Mini-Marine Biologist' and help us celebrate the Watery World of Wales! Ages 7+ yrs
    Eventbrite event. Event link
  • 10:30 Sands of Life Project with Laura Bowen– protecting precious sand dune habitats in Wales (short film). Film commissioned for Wales Nature Week.
  • 11:30 Rockpooling for beginners with Karen from the Swansea Local Nature Partnership (short film)
  • 2-3pm Land Watch with Sea Watch Foundation Live!
    Join us as we look out and hope to spot some of our semi-resident Bottlenose Dolphins of New Quay Bay while explaining Sea Watch Research and Monitoring Techniques. Facebook event Event link

Details of events and how you can participate to follow. Further events to follow. Events are subject to change

Resources & Activities
Explore the wonders of a rock pool (web guide)
Rock Pooling Guide (web guide)
MCS Fun and learning (web learning resource)
2 Minute Beach School!
Sands of LIFE project work at Newborough (in-depth look)
Sands of LIFE project work at Pembrey Burrows (in-depth look)
Natura 2000 - Vibrant Seas
Marine life in the coastal water of the Llŷn Peninsula

4th June Theme of the day: Urban

Details of events and how you can participate to follow. Further events to follow.

Resources & Activities
Making a micro wildlife pond (short film)
Where to see urban wildlife (web guide)

5th June Theme of the day: LNP showcase

09:00 Peter Davies introduces the Local Nature Partnership showcase day outlining the fantastic work undertaken by LNPs in Wales

10:00 LNP Showcase

A celebration of the vital impact of Local Nature Partnerships on the biodiversity and nature recovery of their local areas. Watch the video below to find out what the LNPs have been up to and how you can get involved. Watch the video and discover what the LNPs have been up to and how you can get involved.

Local Nature Partnerships Wales showcase

Celebrating Local Places for Nature Projects across Wales! Local Nature Partnerships are active across the whole of Wales- today we showcase their work and how you can get involved in giving nature a boost in your local area! Get in touch with your Local Nature Partnership today!

Look out for infographics, maps and other information we will be sharing with you on our social media channels

Resources & Activities
LNP Cymru project

7pm Using Your Ears" Bat Detector Workshop -fees apply

6th June: Theme of the day: Well-being and nature
And relax! Nature is wonderful for our well-being. We'll be sharing tips and tricks for you to relax and be inspired by nature and our green spaces.

10:00 Introduction to Nature and Well-being day from Tirion Jenkins, Time to Change Wales

3pm Five senses meditation with Judith Parry, Valleys Steps. Judith from Valleys Steps helps us unwind and connect with our five senses in this video for Nature and Wellbeing day.

As Wales Nature Week draws to a close Vee Brannovic, LNP Coordinator for Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen, has written us a blog to give us a sneak peek into the partnership in her area and how you can get involved. Blog post

Resources & Activities
Connecting with nature to improve your mental health
Mental Health Awareness Week podcasts, blogs and videos
Nature: How connecting with nature benefits our mental health
Mental Health Awareness Week Nature Journal
Five Senses Mindfulness Exercise (Coed Lleol web resource)
Health and well-being in the outdoors (NRW web guide)

Discover your nature inspiration in Wales, share your stories, experience and enjoy nature!

We want to hear from you in Wales Nature Week! Tag us in your pictures and posts this week to so we can see what you’ve been up to by using the hashtags #WalesNatureWeek2021 or #WNW2021

There are several ways to join in:-

  • Check the Events Schedule for the day’s theme and share your sightings, stories and nature inspiration with us
  • Check out your Local Nature Partnership social media channels. Details of all partnerships and their social media channels here
  • If you or your organisation would like to take part -for example a webinar, training session, survey or awareness raising do get in touch- we’d love to hear from you.

At any time, whatever the theme of the day get in touch - nature is spontaneous after all!

Other activities

This year, Wales Nature Week coincides with the following events- even more reason to celebrate Welsh wildlife!

Every Flower Counts 23-31 May

30 Days Wild 1- 30 June


Love Your Burial Ground Week 5 - 13 June

Invasives Species Week 24th - 30th May

Comma © Vee Brannovic

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