What is Wales Nature Week?

Wales Nature Week celebrates our amazing nature, and we are asking people to look, enjoy and appreciate the wealth of flora and fauna that surrounds us.
Nature comes in different packages- all of it special in its own way. Large and small, majestic and familiar, from the humble dandelion to the mighty oak, buzzing insect life in gardens and meadows, the soaring buzzard and bird table favourites, the elusive pine marten, night-time bats, frogs, newts and amazing pond life- nature is all around us.

What happens during Wales Nature Week?

Over the course of 10 days, a host of people and organisations come together to appreciate and enjoy the nature that surrounds us in Wales. You can do this as an individual or family or join a Wales Nature Week event held to discover nature in your area.

Established in 2002, Wales Nature Week is an annual week of nature-themed events coordinated by Wales Biodiversity Partnership. Wales Nature Week is made possible by nature-friendly organisations hosting events and through participation from Local Nature Partnerships, communities, schools, businesses and individuals.

Orange tip - Alun Williams

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