Bee Friendly is an initiative aimed at communities and community organisations, schools, public bodies, town and community councils, businesses, universities and colleges, places of worship and many other organisations all around Wales.

Although the scheme is called Bee Friendly, we want people to take action to help all our pollinators, not just bees. Pollinators include honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees, some wasps, butterflies, moths, hoverflies, some beetles and flies.

Bee Friendly is divided into four themes. The first three themes reflect what pollinators need to thrive; an environment which has varied and nutritious food sources, water and nesting sites, and is free from harmful pesticides. The fourth theme reflects the importance of community engagement and inclusion.

The four themes are:

Foodproviding pollinator-friendly food sources in your area

Five Star accommodationproviding places for insect pollinators to live

Freedom from pesticides (this includes insecticides and herbicides) committing to avoid chemicals that harm pollinators

Fun involving all the community and telling people why you are helping pollinators

As community groups and organisations, or public bodies with local stakeholders, or businesses with local customers, or a concerned individual, you are ideally placed to know the most appropriate action that you can take in your area. Take a look to see what actions you can take to make our world a little bit greener. Discover the Bee Friendly Action Guide, FAQ, application form and plant list.

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