Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference 2022

The conference will be held online in autumn 2022- further details to follow.

If you have any ideas for talks, workshops and other contributions please contact the conference organisers

Many thanks to all delegates and contributors for attending and making the conference a successful exchange of ideas, information sharing, discussion and networking. The Wales Biodiversity Partnership values yourfeedback to ensure future conference events are relevant, stimulating and meet the needs of practitioners.

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Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference 2020

November 23-27“Responding to the crisis for nature in Wales”

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WBP Conference 2018

19th and 20th September 2018 National Museum Cardiff

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WBP Conference 2016

7th & 8th September 2016 Bangor University

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WBP Conference 2015

9th & 10th September 2015 Aberystwyth University

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WBP Conference 2014

10th & 11th September 2014 Cardiff University

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WBP Conference 2013

18th & 19th September Bangor University

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WBP Conference 2012

12th - 13th September; University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd

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WBP Conference 2011

14th & 15th September Trinity College Carmarthen

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WBP Conference 2010

15th & 16th September, Bangor University

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UK BAP Conference 2010

23 & 24th Nov, Stirling

The conference theme reflected on the new targets for biodiversity at UN and EU levels.

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WBP Conference 2009

16th & 17th September, University of Glamorgan

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UK Biodiversity Conference

‘Delivering for Nature’ 10–11 September 2008, Aberystwyth University

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WBP Conference 2007

12th & 13th September, Wrexham University

The conference write-up focused on the workshop sessions

  1. WBP Conference 2007

Featuring a Ministerial address from Environment Minister Hannah Blythyn AM, key note speakers, practitioner talks and workshops, the conference is a key tool in Wales’ aspirations to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem resilience in Wales and an opportunity to develop nature recovery actions in combination with wider policy initiatives. Networking sessions and opportunities for collaboration and future partnerships are a central theme of the event.

Wales has unique legislation in place to deliver nature recovery and multiple benefits for our environment, economy, and society. The Nature Recovery Action Plan for Wales, the Environment (Wales) Act and future land management reform post-Brexit are central to this approach. The Well-being of Future Generations Act provides a framework for decision-making in the delivery of multiple benefits to current and future generations through well-being planning which need to be reflected in our new approach. The approach sets out the links between environment, health and well-being and the opportunities and challenges which we can address through our plans and actions at multiple scales.

WBP Conference - Overview and Draft Programme version 2 20.08.2018

Species in Wales

Amphibians & Reptiles



Terrestrial Mammals



Helping Wildlife

Wildlife Gardening