Together we can work towards a Wales where more people know more about the issues affecting pollinators and are taking more action to protect them, their habitats and food sources.

It is important that all participating schemes work on at least one idea from each of the four Themes (FOOD, FIVE STAR ACCOMMODATION (HABITAT), FREEDOM FROM PESTICIDES AND FUN).

Why not get together with like-minded individuals within your community, organisation or business to work out an action plan for your scheme? Contact your local Bee Champion at the beginning of your project so they can help you work out what your ideas are for the four themes.

In the Action Guide for each of the four themes, we suggest some ideas to help your thinking. Pick out ideas that you think are relevant to your area or organisation and choose ideas that are achievable and fun. This will make things much easier, especially if you are a new group. If you have other ideas for actions within the themes that you think are appropriate then please feel free to incorporate them.

Let us know that you wish to take part in the scheme by filling in an application form.

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