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Getting outdoors and involved with nature is easy. Volunteering at a nature reserve, wildlife gardening, joining a local nature group, or simply going for a walk are all ways of getting in contact with nature and the outdoors.

This section contains information, advice and links to help you make a positive contribution to nature and your local environment

Volunteers at Cwm Ivy Meadow, part of the Carmarthenshire Meadows Project


Volunteers bring a broad range of new skills. Volunteers are ambassadors for nature and help to spread the word about nature’s special places.

You don't have to be a wildlife expert to be able to help - whatever skills you have to offer, or whatever aspect you are interested in, there is something to suit all! Through volunteering you'll meet lots of people, have great fun, and contribute to protecting our wildlife. For example, you can get yours hands dirty clearing bracken on a nature reserve, or assist with habitat and species surveys. If you're more comfortable indoors, you can help your host organisation enter data, write reports, raise funds or help with outreach work.


  1. Butterfly Conservation
  2. Keep Wales Tidy
  3. National Trust
  4. RSPB
  5. The Conservation Volunteers
  6. Wildlife Trusts
  7. Woodland Trust

Image - Volunteers at Cwm Ivy Meadow, part of the Carmarthenshire Meadows Project

General Funding

Finding and applying for adequate funding is always a challenge. Local Nature Partnerships will generally have a fairly comprehensive database of funding organisations and a wealth of experience in applying for funds. This reference section provides a list of possible funding sources and relevant links to useful web-based resources that advise on areas such as finding match-funding and filling out application forms.


  1. National Lottery Heritage Fund
  2. Local Places for Nature
  3. National Forest for Wales - The Woodland investment Grant
  4. Local Places for Nature ‒ Breaking Barriers
  5. Community Woodlands
  6. KWT Local Places for Nature scheme
  7. Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme
  8. NRW Grant funding opportunities

Developing environmental plans and policies requires a partnership approach and input from a wide range of organisations and individuals to ensure a balanced approach.

The links on the left outline current environmental and planning consultations and information relating to previous consultations.


  1. Environment Consultations Wales
  2. Defra Environment Consultations
  3. EU Environment Consultations


Business depends on biodiversity. It helps to stabilise the climate and provide clean air and water, services vital for a stable operating environment. It provides raw materials, technology and business opportunities. There are many reasons for business to engage with biodiversity including legal compliance, corporate social responsibility, reputational enhancement and staff retention.

Anesco has joined forces with the RSPB on a pioneering new project that aims to enhance the biodiversity of solar farms.


  1. Business & Biodiversity- Earthwatch
  2. Business & Biodiversity Engagement (pdf)
  3. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Image © Anesco

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