Biodiversity and Ecosystem Evidence and Research Needs (BEERN) Programme

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Evidence and Research Needs (BEERN) Programme aims to identify and address biodiversity and ecosystem evidence and research needs that will deliver and impact on Welsh policy and delivery priorities, particularly those set out by the Nature Recovery Action Plan.

The programme engages with the research community in Wales and beyond, delivers new approaches and integrates with existing mechanisms to ensure good provision of evidence and advice to the Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, the broader environmental sector and others.

The programme seeks to:
  • Bring together practitioners, policy-makers and academics from across Wales to identify gaps in our evidence base;
  • Provide a mechanism and route for translating these gaps into deliverable research projects;
  • Prioritise and fund projects according to need (based on policy and delivery priorities)
  1. Summary of research projects receiving grants 2019

The programme takes forward, refreshes and strengthens the work of the WBP Evidence Gaps Project. We thank all those who contributed to the project.

Steering Group

A steering group oversees the implementation of the programme. Its members include Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, Cardiff University Sustainable Places Research Institute, Aberystwyth University, Bangor University, JNCC, Plantlife, RSPB, Wales Environment Link and the Wildlife Trust.

Natural Resources Wales Marine Biodiversity Evidence Needs

Natural Resources Wales have identified priority evidence needs relating to some of their marine biodiversity work. For further information please visit the NRW website. The document below outlines the projects that NRW consider to be of high priority, and where they wish to explore opportunities for collaborative working.

  1. NRW Marine Biodiversity Collaborative Research Priorities

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