Natur yn Gwynedd

Gwynedd has a wealth of wildlife and a diversity of habitats. The beautiful coast of Pen Llŷn, with its soft cliffs and sandy beaches, is characterised by narrow lanes and distinctive cloddiau. In stark contrast are the windswept uplands which lead dramatically down into green valleys and remnant ancient woodlands. Our marine life is a rich variety of animals, including soft corals, sea anemones, fish, octopus and crabs which populate the reefs and seabed around our coast. Gwynedd’s coastal strip and abandoned slate quarries provide habitats for the chough, the rarest species of crow breeding in Britain. Pen Llŷn, where mink numbers are still thought to be relatively low is also an important area for the water vole. Gwynedd also has nine species of bat, including the rare lesser horseshoe bat, which has disappeared from most of its northern range in Britain. Natur Gwynedd is the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Gwynedd (outside the Snowdonia National Park). Specific action plans have been developed for many of Gwynedd's habitats and species e.g. cloddiau, rhos pasture, mudflats, brown hare, barn owl and marsh fritillary. Natur Gwynedd has a steering group which meets at least biannually and includes Gwynedd Council, statutory environmental and conservation bodies such as NRW, non governmental organisations concerned with wildlife and conservation such as BTCV Cymru and North Wales Wildlife Trust, the Farming unions, and representatives from University of Wales Bangor

Projects implemented as part of the LBAP include marsh fritillary, water vole, grassland fungi and arable weed surveys and training days; awareness raising events such as rockpool rambles, bat walks and fungi forays; and habitat restoration work including fencing, hedge planting and pond creation

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Gwynedd is a valued member of the all-Wales Local Nature Partnership Network

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