Making Space for Nature

Our wildlife is under threat from loss of habitat and human induced changes to our climate.

The contents of this page are inherited from the Invest in Nature project. The project has now completed and subsequently these pages are no longer updated.

Healthy ecosystems provide incremental benefits to humans and society from providing natural defence against extreme weather, increasing food production to improving wellbeing. Wildlife plays a crucial role in protecting vulnerable ecosystems through pollination and habitat management.

There are many ways that groups and organisations can make space for nature and help provide vital habitats for our plants and wildlife.

Natural Resources Wales - The State of Natural Resources Report

The State of Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR) is the first report of its kind and the first statutory product coming out of the Environment Act, makes a direct link between the condition of our natural resources - our air, soil, water and the biodiversity that underpins them - and the impacts on people's health, economic prosperity and social wellbeing.

Species in Wales

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Terrestrial Mammals



Helping Wildlife

Wildlife Gardening