This is the information page for the WBP Woodland Ecosystem Group. The Woodland Ecosystem Group activities relate to the following Section 7 priority habitats in Wales: Lowland Beech and Yew woodland; Lowland Mixed Deciduous woodland; Upland Mixed Ash woodland; Upland Oak woodland; Wet woodland; Wood Pasture and Parkland. A combination of geographic position, varied geology,landscape and climate, has given rise to an impressive diversity of woodland habitats in Wales. The ambition is to increase the woodland cover from 9% to 14%. Welsh woodlands support a rich variety of lichens, mosses and liverworts and wood warbler, redstart and pied flycatcher have UK strongholds in the oak woodlands of north and west Wales.


Woodland Priority Habitats in Wales

The WBP Woodland Group has identified priority areas for targeted conservation effort in Wales which are listed below. The area maps are also available in GIS format. Use the Contact us to request the files

The Woodland Group draws its membership from a range of statutory, local authority and wildlife charities and is currently chaired by Chris Tucker, Natural Resources Wales.

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